An accurate, reliable and quality measuring instrument is at the root of every production cycle, from design to the end inspection of the material. We can offer a wide choice of products, selected from the best brands, from the most unique and special to the most classic, such as: Presetter for measuring and tool preregistration, Three-dimensional machines for reading dimensions, Optical equipments, Digital altimeters, Roughness measurement instruments, Roundness measurement instruments, Digital readouts, Optical scales, Laser meters, Clamping force meters, Thickness meters, Temperature meters, Analogical or digital micrometres to 0.001mm for inside and outside, Analogical or digital calipers for inside or outside, Dial gauges, Dial gauges holders and much more.
If you cannot find the brand or item you are looking for, please contact us! HI TECH maintains relations with numerous other manufacturing and commercial companies, and we will be able to provide you with a suitable alternative.